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Sunday, May 30, 2010

The back benchers, a term very frequently used to describe the mischievous students who tends to disturb the class. But however everyday a new artist discovers himself in the perfect romantic ambiance of the last benches and the fellow benchers, this drawing was drawn by three students who love art, one of them is very promising in academics, scoring off the charts in most of the exams, proving the very much appreciated term that the back benchers are academically behind wrong. The remaining two are however just another one of those students who just doesn't like to study, but have very high aims in life. This pictures upholds the blend of three separate minds and the essence of the chemistry lecture given in the class in which it was drawn and also the essence of freedom one can feel if they want to feel even if they were inside a cage.....


  1. more than u can see
    more than u can find...

    (bakita mone por6e na)

    byapok ekechilam kin2 amra.. abar kobe akbi 1sathe?